Oil Paint Essence Drawing of Robert Saunders

Oil on Paper, 8" square SOLD
This man is one of my favorite models ever. He is tall and stately
with long red hair that is turning white, and a beard and mustache,
a big belly, and long graceful legs. A great leonine head. He looks
like a Viking.
It is really fun to do gesture drawings of him. He often will wear
this floor-length yellow and black kimono if I ask him to - he's
sitting on it in the picture. His body plus the kimono create
a wealth of shapes to draw gestures from. But, as you can see,
he is also good for longer poses, because of his elegant head
and posture.
This was not a particuarly long pose, but I was really on a roll
with my paint brushes. I sometimes find I can draw better with
a brush than I can with a pencil. It is odd.
I did already explain the essence technique a few postings back,
so I won't repeat it here. But, for people who love to draw and
paint at the same time (and you can do it in color too - Dover
Publications has a wonderful book on Degas' Drawings that has
quite a few of his beautiful essence drawings in it) it is a wonderful
medium. A lot of fun!

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