Pink Peonies ll

Oil on Board, 8" x 8" $95.00 SOLD
Once again, I really enjoyed painting these flowers, and I painted
this one really fast!, because I only had about three hours. It is
fun for me to practice doing this, because if you saw my post from three
days ago, you know that my gallery paintings were very t-i-g-h-t
and had me gripping away at my paintbrush for literally hours
on end. It is so refreshing to take a different approach, even if some-
times it is a failure. I am happy with this painting. I think I like it
better than yesterday's, actually. I think tomorrow I'll either work
with the figure or landscape. No underpaintings - just alla prima.
Nice and relaxed.

John Singer Sargent is always admired for his bravura painting style,
but I don't think a lot of people realize that he was actually taught very
methodically to paint in that manner (of course his gargantuan talent
didn't hurt!!). His teacher, Carolus Duran, who was a very successful
portrait artist in Paris at the time Sargent studied with him, would only
allow his students one touch for each thing, or part of a thing, they were
depicting in a painting. It was called in French, "le premier coup", or "the
first touch". They weren't allowed to correct mistakes either. That will teach
you fast!!

I happen to love underpaintings. I'm just not in the mood for them right now.

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The Artist said...

These two Peony paintings are spectacular!! What ever you are doing, you should keep doing it..Sargent's influence, fast, whatever it is...they are great!