Pink Peonies in a Tarnished Silver Beaker

9" x 12", Oil on Board, $100.00 SOLD
I really had a lot of fun doing this painting. Peonies
are one of my favorite flowers, and I look forward
to their coming out every year. We have a couple
of plants in front of our house, but they don't get
enough sun. I treasured the few blooms we got,
but these I got at the supermarket. They were
surprisingly affordable.
I did this over a sketch, but I took a lot of liberties
with the flowers. I had to be a bit tighter with the
cup, just because of the structure. Sometimes I
think I must have been a manuscript illuminator
in another lifetime, because for some reason I really
get a bang out of painting things like those tiny dots
of light, light yellow on the cup rim and base. Maybe
because it reminds me of early Renaissance art, which
I adore.
It was was fun, because the rest of the painting got
to be kind of slapdash, and painting lines of trans-
parent, very brilliant colors through passages of
thick white. You never know what's going to happen...
I think I may do some more peonies tomorrow.


Belinda Del Pesco said...

Beautiful painting of one of my favorite flowers. You handle texture and form so well.

Angela Fehr said...

Can't wait til my peonies are blooming - I was counting the buds this morning!
It's easy to tell that you love Renaissance art - your work often has that kind of atmosphere to it!