Quick Gouache Sketch of Alan Posing in Class

Sepia and White Gouache on Light Brown Pastel Paper,
8 1/4" x 6 1/2", Bid Here
This is a quick study of one of my favorite all-time models, Alan
(he has dreads), in one of my favorite mediums, gouache. For those
of you who don't know, gouache is an opaque form of watercolor.
If you ever see the term "bodycolor", particularly in books about
drawings from the past (silverpoint, Renaissance, etc.), "bodycolor"
refers to white or colored gouache.
Gouache is wonderful, because you can use it both transparently
and opaquely, so it is virtually impossible to make a mistake -
at least that you can't cover up!! I love it for quick sketches like
this, and I prefer it over watercolor for painting in water media
in general, primarily because I don't have the skill in it that someone
like Belinda del Pesco has. She rocks with watercolor!
Thanks for visiting today. I hope you are surviving the heat,
wherever you are!


Angela Fehr said...

This is great, Patricia! Sketches like this make me want to find a figure drawing class and re-hone my skills, few as they are!

You know exactly how much information to include, what to suggest and what to leave out.

schilderijen said...

What a few strokes can do. It looks so easy, but... etc etc.