Tiger Lilies

Oil Color Monotype, approx. 5" x 6", $45.00, Go Here

This quick sketch of some tiger lilies was done from some
that grew near my yard. I like doing monotypes outside.
I paint them on metal, plastic, mylar, Yupo watercolor
paper - I even once painted one on a piece of gessoed
thin wood - it actually went through the press with
the printmaking paper very well. I never print them
by hand. Well, not since I got my press in 1976.

This was fun because of the challenge of getting the little
purple pieces to hang off of the stamens (?) just so. I have
always been fascinated by these flowers; they are much
hardier than daylilies. Daylilies are very beautiful, but die
about twenty minutes after you pick them. Hard to paint
a picture quite that fast (unless you're Delacroix.....).

Thanks for visiting today.

(I'm still working on that painting - I haven't forgotten!)


Angela Fehr said...

I really love this piece, Patricia! I have almost decided to uproot my daylilies - they are just not worth the space in my garden - the asian lilies are so much nicer! You are teaching me to appreciate oil monotypes - they have a lighter feel than most oil paintings and this one especially. As a watercolorist, I am drawn to lightness - thin layers.

Priscilla said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Angela. Oil monotypes can be really fun for watercolorists. Much more easily manipulated! I really like your work as well.