Side Yard in Blacksburg

Oil Monotype on Fine Printmaking Paper,8" x 6",
$200.00, Go Here
This very painterly monotype was done from partly from memory
and partly from my memory of a beautiful place where I lived several
summers in Blacksburg, Virginia during the 1980's when my husband
was going to architecture school. It was like the Garden of Eden there.
I will always remember it as being one of the happiest times in my life.


Belinda Del Pesco said...

I love the tropical atmosphere on this - painterly and printmaking-ly beautiful.

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Hey, I remember that garden! Love seeing your work, which is just as wonderful as I remembered.

Ironically, my family and I often spend our summer vacation on St. John.

Best regards,

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld

PS Jimmy Powers over at the Art League School started me on stained glass, and now I make windows.