Unfinished Painting of Sophie in a Silk Kimono

Oil Painting on Gesso and Oil Ground
15/3/4" x 22 1/4" NOT FOR SALE YET

I thought that today, since I never publish progress
pictures, that I would publish a picture of a partially-
completed painting that I did today. It is painted on a
piece of 100% rag mat board that I had previously
covered with two coats of gesso, allowed to dry, and then
covered with a neutral sort of mushroom-color oil paint
mixed with Liquin for a ground.
You can kind of see the ground color in parts of the
feet that are not painted yet, and in the upper left hand corner,
which also is not painted yet. This is not the greatest photograph
of the painting, unfortunately. I have a very good digital camera,
but sometimes something gets lost in the translation.....
I did a line drawing of the composition, using a ball point pen,
squaring up a few areas that were particularly challenging.
I like to use ball point pen, because you can paint right over
it, and the paint and solvent don't budge it, so your drawing
stays put.
I'm planning on finishing this tomorrow, so you may
or may not see it again. We'll see how it goes. So far, I'm pretty
happy with it. We'll see how it turns out. I want to try and maintain
the "loose" quality of it. I like that.


Chris Bolmeier said...

This looks finished to me.

schilderijen said...

Excellent work. I admire you for your technique.

Please keep the good works go

My website is www.recentpaintings.com. Have a look if you are in the mood