Page of Small Gouache Landscape Sketches

Canson WC Sketchbook Page, 9" x 12", sketches
in varying sizes NFS
I'm going to be teaching a Gouache workshop
in about three weeks, so I thought I should just
get back in the swing of things as far as gouache
is concerned. These sketches were all done in
a Canson watercolor sketchbook, which is one
of my favorite things to work in. If the pictures
don't get too large the paper doesn't really
wrinkle too much.
I like to use gouache as a combination of
watercolor and the way it is supposed to be
used, as an opaque medium. I love the various
contrasts that can be gotten in that way. It is
also fun to squeegee down a layer of Aquapasto
first, and see what effects that has on your work.
I will also work sometimes on Canson papers, which
have such nice colors, if I feel like working on a
colored background.
The mountains are the Blue Ridge; the river is
the Potomac (two blocks from where I live); the
trees and sky are a park down the way from me.
I really love painting with this stuff. It is relaxing.

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