Gouache Sketch after a Pontormo Fresco

7 1/4" x 9 1/2", Gouache on Canson WC
Notebook Paper

I have always loved this image - and certain
other things by Pontormo.

He was a really strange person. He lived in
a room that had no door, but only a window
to the outside, from which he entered and
left by a ladder. He kept a diary of everything
that he ate. He didn't like people, so he didn't
generally use models. If you look closely
his altarpieces, you will see that each person
is the same one, whether they are female, or
male, they all have the same face.
But I've always found this to be a particularly
delicate, almost celestial image. I just did a
quick sketch of it in gouache - some day I think
I'll do a longer study of it in oil.
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