After a Donatello TerraCotta Bust of Niccolo da Vezzano, ca. 1430

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This is a gouache and gold paint (you can't see the gold paint in
this photo) study from a picture of a terra cotta bust of Niccolo
do Vezzano, ca. 1430. Niccolo must have been a Franciscan Monk,
judging from his dress. But what drew me to his image was his
soulful, kind face, and the wonderful shapes in his habit, that
inspired in me some loose line work with a brush of which I have
to admit I am very proud. It is impossible to really reproduce this
image, unfortunately. There are delicate pinks and blues in it,
particularly in the margins, that just don't come across in the
reproduction. There is a gold line around the image which glitters
in the light , and adds a slight sacred touch.

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