Blue & Gold Lesli Triptych

This is an oil painting on board that I did several years ago. I
know that the pose is a bit strange, but I love the "arabesque"
created by her holding her arms up in the air like this. I was
happy with the iridescent quality of the turquoise fabric and
leaves in the side panels. There were supposed to be gold-leafed
spacers between the three panels, but the gallery owner who sold
the piece never got around to framing it that way, unfortunately.

Thanks for visiting today. My arm is healing, and I hope to be able
to begin doing some painting by the end of next week. Thanks to
all of you who have written in with comments of concern. I truly
appreciate that.


Dana Marie said...

Wow! Priscilla, I absolutely love this piece! Simply Gorgeous!

~ Dana Marie

Priscilla said...

Thank you for your nice comment!