Oil on Vellum Sketch of Nude Male

Although this looks like a life study, it was actually
painted from Eadward Muybridge's collection of
photographs The Human Figure in Motion. This
interesting study of men, women and children
in motion, using stop -action photography against
gridded backgrounds was done in the early 20th
Century, but has been reprinted and is available

It is a fabulous reference source for anyone who
wants to practice figure drawing and doesn't have
a live model. The only drawback is that the pictures
are about 1.5" x 3". One can blow them up on a xerox
machine however. Some of them are very inspiring.

He was obviously much more interested in the mails
who, in general are in lively poses, including sports,
running, even wrestling. While he has his women
walking prettily up the stairs waving scarves, sweeping
and standing nicely by tables with pitchers.

The book is published by Dover Publications, in case
you are interested.

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