Drypoint Etching of Colette after a photo by Cecil Beaton

I did this drypoint many years ago, back when I had first learned
how to use it. It was drawn on a zinc plate with a diamond point.
I did a pencil drawing first that was really loose and wild.

I remember that I sat down to work at about 5:00 pm, and didn't get
up again until it was finished at 2:00 in the morning (oh- to be able
to do that now......!). This is truly one of my favorite dry points I have
every done, because it shows all the variation of line of which the
dry point line is capable. It is so seductive. I rarely do these anymore.

My press is in storage because of lack of space. Perhaps that will change
soon. I certainly hope so. Printmaking was my fist experience of having
a "style" in my work - something which was talked about by my less-
enlightened teachers in graduate school as though it were something
you could go downtown and pick up at the variety store. It's something
that has to evolve on its own. And, I know now, having been a teacher
for 33 years, that it often is the result of an epiphany brought about
by an encounter with an inspiring medium. That is how it happened
for me.


christy said...

it's beautiful of course. do you teach classes in drypoint etching? if so i might like to sign up soon.


zvonko said...

beautiful portrait!
possesses something dreamy of Greta Garbo look.

greeting, Zvon