Drypoint Etching of "L'Artiste"

This image was drawn,
like my last post, on a piece of zinc, with
a diamond point.
It was drawn from a book about the history of the
, and I know I should have more information than that,
but there was no photographic credit for this photo, and I was so
captivated by it , particularly the face, that I just went ahead and
drew it.
As a matter of fact, I drew the face three times on three
separate plates!
It is just a tiny collection of marks.

One wouldn't think it would cause such a problem
- but I wanted
it to be perfect -- and finally, I felt it was. I just love the line
variation in dry point etching - for instance, in the side of
the ball, or the curve of her raised leg. It is not like anything
else. Sadly, I have never printed an edition of this

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