Isla Morada Hybiscus

Oil on Canvas laid down on board, 7.5" x 9 3/4"

I did this from a photograph outside of the Casa Thorn, 
a  wonderful B&B we stayed at in Isla Morada in the Florida Keys. 
 The whole
place seemed enchanted, from the wonderful woman
after whom it was named, to the myriad of fascinating
objects with which she had decorated it - all things she
had collected during her incredible 91 years. Everywhere
you turned there was something beautiful to see: Moroccan
screens, carved ivory netsukes of sensitive nudes, unique
paintings from the 1940's,  photographs of her friends - who 
just happened to be Frank Sinatra and his ilk - and plants
everywhere inside and out.  Giant palm trees, flowering
plants, with Cambodian granite heads peeking out from

 I've been thinking of painting this since last
August, and I finally did. I'm really happy this evening.

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