Oil Sketch of Liz

Oil on canvas, 5.5" x 5.5"
I really enjoyed doing this quick oil sketch of Liz, a young woman who used to
model for me in my classes. It was done from a photograph, as is most of my work,
except my work done in class. This is mostly because my studio is about as big
as a small walk-in closet. But, my husband is about to build me a new studio in
the backyard, which will be 10' x 15'. I know that's not large, but after what I've
been working in for the past 17 years, it will seem like an ice skating rink - and,
there will actually be room for a LIVE model - at last!!. Also I'll have more room
to teach workshops at my home, which is something I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for visiting today.

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