Imaginary Landscape #3

This is another watercolor and gouache piece, done in class as a demo for my students
yesterday. I was lucky it came out so well. That doesn't always happen!!
This was done on a wonderful new product which I just love! Fredrix Watercolor Canvas.
I had been painting on it already in oils, because it has a lovely smooth, delicate surface,
and I had been using mostly paper and panels, because I Hate canvas generally!! But this
stuff is very different.
But, for watercolor, and gouache, it's absolute revelation! You can lift, wipe back, lay
washes, remove whole areas of color - you name it, it's more like working with oils
practically when you work on this product. I've been having so much fun, I can't wait
to get up in the morning! Of course all days aren't successful ones, but one can always
try, and always hope! I'm planning on filling this whole sketchbook with these landscapes,
exectued entirely with brush, and having a feeling of being partially imagined. I've got
13 to go. The paper in the book is Canson watercolor.
I usually begin by covering my picture area with Winsor and Newton Lifting Preparation,
because right now I like to paint skies, and it is enormously helpful. Of course this isn't
necessary on the Fredrix Watercolor Canvas, but I sometimes do it anyway.
So much fun.
Thanks for visiting.

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