Imaginary Landscape #4 and a Page of Gouache Studies

I 'm glad that they let you format where the pictures go in this thing, I certainly
wouldn't want one picture sitting right on top of the others.

The smaller pictures are not as small as they appear, and are more distinct in reality. I
had a lot of fun doing them . Both pieces were done on Fredrix Watercolor Canvas. I just
can't get enough of working on this substance. It is just the greatest.

I know I have to start working in oils in a few days, to fulfill some commitments I have
made (you have to earn that money!), so I will really savor my last few days of working
in gouache and watercolor - a truly wonderful combination. Everyone should try it.
If you are at all afraid of watercolor -- try gouache! - there's no such thing as a mistake
in gouache, because you can cover everything up!

Happy painting!!

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